A Novel Occasion

Online via ZOOM
Saturday May 1, 2021
12 noon - 2:30 p.m. EST

The Friends of the Millis Library hosts "A Novel Occasion", a virtual live fundraising event where your ticket gets you:

  * access to hear best selling authors

  * the book of your first author choice

  * two intimate author roundtables

  * fun throughout

Register now for the best chance to spend time with the authors you want most.

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Join Us For This Event

Best Selling Authors, Books, Swag, Fun

On Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 12 noon - 2:30 p.m. EDT your $50 donation and registration puts you face-to-face virtually with best selling authors talking about their latest book, a swag bag delivered to your home and multiple opportunities for prizes during the event.

This event will be photographed and recorded.

Thank you for your donation, no refunds.

The Friends of the Millis Library is a 501(c)(3) organization.


Bestselling Authors

MOTHER MAY I - by Joshilyn Jackson.jpg

Erica Ferencik
Latest Title: "Into the Jungle"
Author of "The River at Night"

The Secret Stealers by Jane Healey.jpg
Nadia Hashimi Headshot (c) Chris Carter
SPARKS LIKE STARS by Nadia Hashimi.jpg

Nadia Hashimi

Latest Title: "Sparks Like Stars"

Bestselling Author of "A House Without Windows"

(photo (c) Chris Carter)

Jane Healey final print res-6996.jpg

Jane Healey
Latest Title: "The Secret Stealers"
Bestselling Author of "The Beantown Girls"

Joshilyn Jackson - Author Photo (credit
Joshilyn Jackson - MOTHER MAY I.jpg

Joshilyn Jackson

Latest Title: "Mother May I"

New York Times Bestselling Author of "Never Have I Ever"

(photo credit Wes Browning)

Asha Lemmie.jpg

Asha Lemmie
Latest Title: "Fifty Words for Rain", New York Times Bestseller & Good Morning America Book Club Pick

Kerri Maher photo credit Peter Su.jpg
Kerri Maher - White Gloves.jpg

Kerri Maher

Latest Title: "The Girl in White Gloves A Novel of Grace Kelly"

Author of The Kennedy Debutante

(photo credit Peter Su)

Alisha Rai FirstComesLike_jacket image.j
Alisha Rai author photo.JPG

Alisha Rai
Latest Title: "First Comes Like"
Author of "Girl Gone Viral"

Jane_L._Rosen by Lori Berkowitz.jpeg

Jane L. Rosen

Latest Title: "Eliza Starts a Rumor"

Author of "Nine Women, One Dress"

(photo by Lori Berkowitz)

B.A. Shapiro.jpg

B.A. Shapiro

Latest Title: "The Collector's Apprentice"

New York Times Bestselling Author of "The Art Forger"

(photo (c) Lynn Wayne)

Sheila Williams Author Photo_Tasha Pinel
Sheila Williams_Secret Women.jfif

Sheila Williams

Latest Title: "The Secret Women"

Author of "Dancing on the Edge of the Roof", now a Netflix film titled "Juanita" starring Alfre Woodard

(photo credit Tasha Pinel)

FirstComesLike by Alisha Rai_jacket imag
BA Shapiro_Collectors Apprentice.jpg

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