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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you answer your questions.

Q: How do I purchase tickets for A Novel Occasion?

A: Tickets are available online at Complete the online registration form, and complete your payment via PayPal or major credit card.

Q: What if I want to purchase more than one ticket to A Novel Occasion?

A: You can easily purchase more than one ticket via It is important that you register for each person attending the event so that we can match each person to their preferred author for the intimate roundtables.

Q: I’d like to donate an amount in addition to the price of my ticket to benefit the Friends of the Millis Public Library. Can I do that when I buy my ticket?

A: Yes! As a non-profit organization supporting the mission of the Millis Public Library, the Friends are so appreciative of additional donations. There will be an option during online event registration and payment for giving an additional donation.

Q: I don’t want to pay via PayPal or major credit card. Can I pay in cash or check?

A: We strongly prefer that you register for A Novel Occasion online and pay electronically. However, if this proves to be a hardship, please contact us at and we will arrange for different payment options

Q: Why do I need to select my preferred authors as part of the registration?

A: During the event, you will have two different opportunities for an intimate roundtable with your preferred authors. These virtual breakout rooms will be capped at fifteen (15) attendees and give you a great opportunity to ask questions directly to your favorite author! A moderator will also attend each intimate roundtable to keep the conversation flowing.

Q: I didn’t read all the books - can I still attend A Novel Occasion?

A: YES! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the authors and their novels, but it is not required that you read the books ahead of time.

Q: Will I receive a copy of a book as part of my registration?

A: YES! Each ticket holder will receive a copy of the book from their first choice author as part of your registration. Please keep in mind that the book may arrive within 2-3 days of the event.

Q: Am I guaranteed to be in the intimate roundtable with my preferred author?

A: We will do our very best to accommodate requested authors, but we cannot guarantee that all will be in an intimate roundtable with their preferred author. Intimate roundtables will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, so REGISTER EARLY to increase the likelihood you’ll get to hear your preferred author(s).

Q: Will there be a recording of the event to watch afterwards?

A: No. This is a virtual live event, so you must attend at the day and time of the event. The Friends of the Millis Public Library may record portions of the event or take screenshots for publicity purposes, but there will not be a recording of the event distributed to attendees

Q: I am not very tech-savvy. Will there be assistance for joining the event?

A: Yes! We have a fabulous production team that will assist you with logging onto the event, checking your audio/microphone, and ensuring you are automatically moved from the main event to the intimate roundtable virtual breakout rooms. The production team will also be available throughout the event for troubleshooting issues.

Q: What if something comes up and I am not able to attend the live event? Can I watch a recording afterwards?

A: A Novel Occasion is a virtual live event, so there will not be a recording to watch afterwards. Also please note that tickets to the event are non-refundable.

Q: When should I expect my swag box and copy of my first choice author’s book?

A: For those who register by January 13, 2023, we will make every effort to get the swag box and book to you by January 27, 2023. For those who register after January 13, 2023, you will receive your swag box with book after the event

Q: Can book clubs come?

A: Absolutely! This would be a great way for your book club to gather for a different kind of event. Please note - tickets for A Novel Occasion are per person. The event is best experienced with each attendee on their own device (and selecting their own preferred authors). If you choose to have a group attend on the same device, each attendee needs to have paid for a ticket.

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